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Log Ride Review at Dreamworld

It seems there’s an art to choosing the right time to line up for rides at theme parks. And I don’t know what it is.

In general, cloudy weekdays when kids are at school seem to be the best times for shorter lines, but what about sunny weekends over the summer? What then? Do you just not go on rides? Is there an ideal time window that is different for each attraction? Probably. And though I don’t know when these times are, I do know we weren’t in one when we decided to line up for the log ride.

Log Ride at Dreamworld

We’d just walked from the Australian Wildlife Experience and didn’t really want to wait for a ride that we’d been on many times before. I took some video to add to the site, though I’m going to review this one from memory:

I was about 8 when we received a flyer in the mail about the local radio station’s latest promotion. They were going to fly over our area in a helicopter and, if you were holding a sign that said something along the lines of “I love Radio 97!” they would send you Tickets to Dreamworld.

My brothers and I, with encouragement from our parents, got to work on our signs. We only had a couple of days to finish them before the helicopter came by, so we worked on them for most of our afternoons and nights.

When the morning arrived we were so excited. I remember proudly carrying my painted sign out into the backyard and scanning the skies for the helicopter, hoping we weren’t late. Our dad helped my two brothers and me up onto the roof where we stood with our signs in the air, waiting for it to arrive.

But it never arrived.

It never arrived because it was the first of April 1997 and there was no helicopter. There was just us, three small boys on the roof in the middle of the street, waving our signs like little idiots.

When our dad handed us a deflated balloon with April Fools printed on it, we must have looked devastated. So much so that we were given the day off school, my parents took the day off work and we all went to Dreamworld anyway.

This was probably one of my favourite days, it was also the day that I rode the Log Ride for the first time.


Log Ride Ramp


I remember it being really good, and I’m giving it a Shooting Star Award.


The Shooting Star Award for Good Rides, Shows and Attractions!

The review part of this post is short because it’s a Log Ride, they go around a little water course and end up down a ramp with a big splash. This one does that too.


Log Ride Splash



Log Ride at Dreamworld
Reviewed by Elliot Munro on
Summary: You’re in a log that floats around a course and goes down a slide!
Description: This ride is one of Dreamworld’s staples. It’s great for families and there’s no height restrictions. You also get wet too.
Rating: 4

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