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Dreamworld size

The Largest Theme Park

Dreamworld is the Gold Coast’s most famous theme park, it’s also the biggest. While it may be smaller than Movie World in terms of owned land, the parks actual size is much larger.

Dreamworld is home to various worlds, including the Australian Wildlife Experience, Town of Gold Rush, Rocky Hollow, Dreamworks Experience, Tiger Island, Wiggles World, River Town and Ocean Parade.

Dreamworld RidesThe Most Rides

Dreamworld has more rides than any other park in Australia. If you’re staying on the Gold Coast for a while, it might be worth buying a Holiday World Pass┬áto make sure that you’ll fit most of them in. Though be warned, some of Dreamworld’s rides aren’t for everyone. If you’re visiting with small children, bring along someone to mind them if you want to experience the thrill rides.


Dreamworld Rollercoasters

The Roller Coasters

Dreamworld has 5 Roller Coasters, the same number as Movie World.

These are:

            • Tower of Terror 2 – This is the same as the Tower of Terror, except it goes up backwards and you drop face first.
            • Buzz Saw – A single loop with a twist at the top. You spend a bit of time upside down on this one.
            • Cyclone – A traditional roller coaster with loops.
            • Escape from Madagascar – Part of the Dreamworks Experience area. A family friendly Coaster
            • Mick Doohans Motorcoaster – Fun for kids, I’d imagine. This one’s a pretty tame

In Summary:

Dreamworld has a total of 28 rides and is divided up into various ‘worlds’.

Dreamworld is situated off the Coomera Exit on the M1, right next to the relatively new White Water World.

The following lists are subjective, and are based on my opinion. Dreamworld might disagree and say that the Log Ride is still the bees knees. And I don’t deny that, but it’s not the reason most people go to the park.

Dreamworlds Best Rides:

  • Tower of Terror II
  • The Giant Drop
  • The Buzz Saw
  • The Claw
  • Cyclone
  • Wipeout

Dreamworlds Best Attractions:

  • Tiger Island
  • DreamWorks Experience
  • Australian Wildlife Experience
  • Rocky Hollow
  • Wiggles World






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