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Big Brother House Review

Earlier this month, Dreamworld opened the big brother house to Dreamworld visitors.

The compound is located on the outskirts of the park. You have to walk through the old Blue Lagoon water park section, across the train tracks and you’re pretty much there.

Big Brother Sign at Dreamworld

There’s a big sign here with all the people that were on Big Brother. They’re a little pixelated, but then the sign is about 2 metres tall, so that’s to be expected.

The first thing you notice when you enter the house are the pictures of the contestants on the walls. I didn’t really watch the show so I’m not too familiar with any of them. From their faces they look nice enough. Like good people with stuff to offer. There’s no joke here, I’m writing this waiting for an install to finish and couldn’t think of anything else to say about them.

When you start to walk around the outside of the house, take notice of which side of the rope you’re on. Because if you’re on the wrong side, the Dreamworld lady will tell you so in front of everyone and you’ll have to walk back around. This didn’t happen to us, but the kids ahead of us looked real embarrassed as they returned to the start of the rope.

The bedroom is the first thing that you see and it’s pretty cool. There’s a tv on the wall that shows footage of things that happened there. It’s surreal, and only because it’s on screen. Like it was something really significant that happened ‘in this exact room’. But then you listen to what they’re saying and it was so forgettable that I could tell you nothing about it.

The kitchen and lounge room are interesting, even if only from a design point of view. The house has it’s own personality, and if I watched the show, I could probably say ‘the house was as much a character as Ben was’. But I didn’t, and it’s not because I have something against it, it’s just, who has time for tv anymore?

In the lounge room you can watch the top moments from the series. We got there just in time for number one and it’s a really nice moment where Ben wins and he proposes to his partner.
Watching it makes me kinda wish I checked in on this more. The host seems much nicer than Gretel Killeen, but then I’ve been biased against her since I watched this video.

The backyard is probably my favourite part of the house, just because you wish it was your backyard except you’d have real grass.
It’s interesting to walk around the outside of the set. It seems like it would’ve been a lot of fun to work on this show. I met a guy at a party that made webisodes for it and he said it was fun. So there’s proof.

When you follow the tour path around the outside of the house you get to see all the little secret rooms that were used for rewards and things. And the corridors are lined with props from the show. Remember this octopus thing? Memories…

Octopus thing at Big Brother House

There’s also the diary room that’s in every season of big brother and I would’ve taken a photo of it except for this sign.

Big Brother Diary Room Sign


In summary, the big brother house would probably hold a lot of significance for you if you loved the show. Though because I didn’t see it, I can’t really rate it on its Big Brother-ness. I can, however, rate it on is house-ness, and for that it gets a shooting star:

The Shooting Star Award for Good Rides, Shows and Attractions!

Tldr: Cool house.

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